Maxime and Héloïse met in 2011. They felt in love at first sight and knew from the first moment they would get married (they even announced their wedding to their families the day after they met!)

They can’t stay away from one another for too long, that’s why they left everything to work together. They created Trentième Etage

They met more than 300 couples, from different age, culture and religion.

They like beautiful people, they love to tell new love stories with their photos and movies.

Héloïse and Maxime like their brides and grooms (and their brides and grooms like them), they love their job and are happy to make other couple happy.

On top of that, they make amazing movies and stunning photos, so write them an e-mail, and meet them!

photographe de mariage


Maxime only has one tatoo : his wife’s name. Oh yeah, he truly believes in marriage and was meant for this job.

When he decided to become a photographer, he registered in a photo school. Two days later, he realized it was the not the right way for him to learn. Then he met one of the best photographers in France and asked him to teach him everything.

He has a sphynx cat named Jean-Louis, who always likes to sit on his knees when he’s dressed in grey (don’t ask).

He loves his Leica, nutella, Arizona (and a lot of other things ending in A).


photographe mariage paris


Héloïse has a problem with her hair, she can’t decide whether she likes it long or very short, blond or pink, but at the moment it’s blue.

Before she became a photographer she had a lot of crazy jobs, and before she met Maxime she had never touched a camera (but she learns fast and became one of the top wedding photographers in France)

She likes Big Mac without onion and pickles (you really should try).

She loves to watch the Eiffel Tower from her parisian appartment’s window, and she is not yet tired of it.