Trentième Etage was created in 2012 by Héloïse & Maxime who captured the best days of newlyweds.

Now, Trentième Etage is a family business run by Thao and Yoan who document unique weddings.

Thao et Yoan have a lovely south of France accent and are always smiling and positive.

They both have kids who are all cousins (they are brothers in law) they know how important family moments can be.

They love beautiful things, they take time to come in your universe and share with you those precious moments with amazing images.

Yoan et Thao shoot weddings in Paris, in France and worldwide.

They are used to working together and share the same vision : discreet, fun and profesionnal. They share the same goal : making out of your wedding amazing and sincere memories.

Thao Trentieme Etage


Photographer and videographer for more than 15 years, Thao knows weddings.

Cultural weddings, luxury weddings, he knows how to adapt and loves to discover new people.

Before working for Trentième Etage, he used to own a production company (photos and videos).

His experience is his best quality, and you’ll love it too !

ami 2


Yoan is a videographer, and he loves to make couples cry.

Not on your wedding day !

Just at the moment you’ll be watching your wedding movie for the first time.

Precise and careful he is always focused in order not to miss anything from this unique day.

Discreet on the D Day, he will do his best to understand what’s important for you to give you a lifetime memory that looks like you.